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Ingis Redd
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Hello everyone,

I'm an independent learner and I'm currently working on my first agent-based-model. I'm trying to simulate how an organization works and interacts with its environment. I represent the workers as turtles that harvest "grass" from the patches each turn, similar to the "Rabbits Grass Weeds" library example.

The thing is, I'm having trouble finding a way to move these workers around the world in an intelligent way (e.g. tendency to aproach areas with more food and less competition) that doesn't produce artifacts.

How the workers move is something pretty complicated but it has nothing to do with the parameters I'm trying to study. I need something intelligent enough to be realistic, but simple enough so that it doesn't influence too much the results. I'm sure somebody out there has already found the solution to this problem, but I haven't been able to find what I need yet.

Does anybody know of some existing models from which to draw some ideas?