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extension updates - lpsolver, rngs


I join Indra's question.
Is there any possibility to have some concrete examples on how to use this extension?
In particular, I am new to programming so an existing model that uses the extension would be the best for me.

Thank you in advance,

<quote author='NetLogo-Users mailing list'>

The 'lpsolver' mixed integer linear program (MILP) solver, integrating
functionality from the lpsolve library (http://lpsolve.sourceforge.net/5.5)
has been updated for compatibility with v.5 of NetLogo and has also received
a facelift of its own.  Problems may be formulated as both max and min, and
the ability to calculate a sensitivity analysis of the duals has been
integrated (still in work, likely some bugs).  Links are on the NetLogo
Extensions wiki.

The multiple random number generator extension was also recently updated.
This extension provides the ability to implement multiple independent random
number streams and also broadens the random distributions available to the
user (adds Beta, Negative Binomial and Von Mises in addition to the
distributions already incorporated into NetLogo), utilizing the same Colt
libraries already leveraged by NetLogo.



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