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Re: Questions above simulation of behavior of human beings

>>>>> "gasilvac" == gasilvac  <[hidden email]> writes:

 gasilvac> It is one of my main objectives to model a population that
 gasilvac> can be characterized in principle by its three behavior
 gasilvac> strategies enabling their members to imitate adaptive
 gasilvac> behavior in their successive interaction.  These strategies
 gasilvac> can be so described: 1. Cooperative individuals always ready
 gasilvac> to cooperate with those members they interact with, provided
 gasilvac> they interact with other cooperators, they will benefit from
 gasilvac> this interaction.  2. Defectors or individuals that never
 gasilvac> cooperate with those they interact with, always intent on
 gasilvac> exploiting their partners.  3. Punishers or individuals that
 gasilvac> rather than cooperating they punish those they cooperate
 gasilvac> with, provided they can be described as defectors in previous
 gasilvac> encounters. In acting like this, they have to invest some
 gasilvac> sort of resources whenever a defective behavior takes place.

In the NetLogo Models Library, look under
Social Science -> Unverified -> Prisoner's Dilemma -> PD N-Person Iterated.

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