Netlogo: move turtles in a planned way and visualize their paths

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Netlogo: move turtles in a planned way and visualize their paths

I need some help here on a crucial topic in my master's thesis.

Imagine 2 types of turtles, turtle cars and houses turtles. So the turtle
cars are placed in a specific region of the world and the turtle houses are
placed at random.

The main objective is for turtle cars to visit all the houses and return to
the starting position.

Example of a case study: 2 cars and 5 houses

So imagine that I define the following route vector: route: [0 2 3 1 4, 5 5
6 5 6]

in the first part are placed randomly the houses to visit, then the
respective car that will make the visit, ie the car 5 visits the homes 0 2
and 1 and the car 6 visits the house 3 and 4.

I use the IDs of each turtles, depending on the total number of turtles
used, however I need a quick and easy way to view this case. That is, using
a given route vector, my cars could automatically be viewed to visit all
their respective houses (in the order they are inserted into the vector, as
explained above) and then return to their origin. Your paths would be
colored (according to the color of the car) and it would be possible to
identify which car visits who ...

If someone can help me, I really appreciate it.

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