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NetLogo 6.0.4 released

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The Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling at Northwestern University is pleased to announce NetLogo 6.0.4, available for free download from our site at <>.

The NetLogo user community continues to experience much growth. We've had many hundreds of thousands of downloads in the past year from our website. Maintaining the large code-base, adding features to support our users, and expanding the models library requires considerable resources. Please consider making a donation at our site <>. All donation sizes help.

NetLogo 6.0...4 improves on NetLogo 6.0.3 by offering Library Models changes, bugfixes, and small usability improvements.

Most models created in NetLogo 5 or later will work in NetLogo 6 after automatic conversion upon first opening the model. Models created in NetLogo 4 or earlier should be opened in NetLogo 5 first and saved before opening in NetLogo 6. If you have any trouble, please consult: <>.

Feature Changes

NetLogo now supports the Portuguese language.
BehaviorSpace allows optionally disabling plots and the view when running experiments.


Updated the bundled Java 8, which should resolve an issue with NetLogo failing to start on Windows computers.
Fixed a numerical error with the range primitive.
Fixed a bug with link lookup when using more than two link breeds...
Comment and uncomment code hotkeys should work with NetLogo include source files.
Added a better error message when a web browser couldn't be launched for any reason.

Documentation Changes

Document that resize-world only kills all turtles when coordinates really change.

Model Changes

New Curricular Models

Mind the Gap Curriculum
MTG 1 Equal Opportunities HubNet
MTG 2 Random Assignment HubNet
MTG 3 Feedback Loop HubNet

Revised Sample Models

Blood Sugar Regulation: Updated statistical sampling procedures
Flocking: Changed default vision to 5.0 patches
Rumor Mill: Fixed a minor bug with the spread statistics in early ticks

Revised Code Examples

Flocking (Perspective Demo): Changed default vision to 5.0 patches

Revised Curricular Models

GenEvo - GenEvo 1: Fixed save screenshot bug on Windows machines
GenEvo - GenEvo 2: Fixed save screenshot bug on Windows machines
GenEvo - GenEvo 3: Fixed save screenshot bug on Windows machines

Revised Alternative Visualizations

Flocking (Alternative Visualizations): Changed default vision to 5.0 patches

Known Issues

We encourage our users to report any bugs they find with NetLogo 6 to our bugs mailing list <mailto:[hidden email]>, and other feedback to our feedback mailing list <mailto:[hidden email]>. We encourage users who encounter a bug to consult this wiki page <> which lists major problems as users encounter them and offers advice on how to alleviate or work around them.

This list contains several defects known to us at the time of the release of 6.0.4:

The vid extension produces videos that don't play properly in Windows (the same video plays correctly on a Mac, however). It appears to play videos created by other sources properly...
The arduino extension doesn't work properly in Windows 10 under 64-bit NetLogo. It doeswork properly running under 32-bit NetLogo. We recommend windows users who want to work with the arduino extension install the 32-bit version of NetLogo.
There are problems editing the HubNet interface after importing a HubNet client interface from the interface tab of another model.
Some Users continue to have problems initially launching NetLogo 6 in Mac OS Sierra / High Sierra. More information (including a partial workaround for the problem) is available here <>.


NetLogo was designed and authored by Uri Wilensky, project leader and director of the CCL. The core development team includes Jeremy Baker, Jason Bertsche, Robert Grider, Bryan Head, Seth Tisue and Nicolas Payette. Many others have contributed greatly. HubNet was jointly designed by Uri Wilensky and Walter Stroup.

The CCL gratefully acknowledges more than two decades of support for our NetLogo work. The original support came from the National Science Foundation -- grant numbers REC-9814682 and REC-0126227. Further support has come from REC-0003285, REC-0115699, DRL-0196044, CCF-ITR-0326542, DRL-REC/ROLE-0440113, SBE-0624318, EEC-0648316, IIS-0713619, DRL-RED-9552950, DRL-REC-9632612, and DRL-DRK12-1020101, IIS-1441552, CNS-1441016, CNS-1441041, CNS-1138461, IIS-1438813, IIS-1147621, DRL-REC-1343873, IIS-1438813, IIS-1441552, CNS-1441041, IIS-1546120, DRL-1546122, DRL-ITEST-1614745 and DRL-1640201. Additional support came from the Spencer Foundation, Texas Instruments, the Brady Fund, the Murphy fund, and the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems.



Uri Wilensky