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Matlab extension for Netlogo


I have just downloaded the zip file for the Matlab extension of Netlogo.
I followed the instructions to setup the extension:

1) I copied the file "matlab.jar" into the matlab folder inside the
extension folder of Netlogo

2) I copied the file "matlabServer1.m" in the first folder of Matlab search
path. In the same folder I copied the Matlab function that I would like to
call from Netlogo

3) I created a script in Netlogo starting with the line "extensions
[matlab]" as first line. I saved this script.

The problem is that, when I click on "check" in the Netlogo script, a Matlab
window opens up and the following two lines are shown in the command window
of Matlab:

Running MatlabServer v1.0
Matlab v6.x detected.

After this, in the bottom left corner of the window,  a writing saying;
"Initializing..." appears and doesn't disappear until I forcefully shut down
Another thing that I noticed is that, when this Matlab window opens up, the
current folder is the Netlogo folder and not the usual MATLAB folder which
is also the first folder in Matlab search path.

This means that whenever I check the Netlogo script or open it, this Matlab
window opens up and it doens't give me the posibility of doing anything and
keeps initializing for hours.

Is this process normal?

Does this mean that I installed the extensio wrong?

Do you have any suggestion on how to make ti work properly?


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