How to "Set" a Boolean Variable

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How to "Set" a Boolean Variable

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Hello, I'm in desperate need of a resolution to this issue.  I got a crash course in NetLogo last week (sheeps/wolves) and I just don't have time to break into the subtleties of everything.  I wrote a fairly messy/big program that only has one error that I can't make heads or tails of.  At the end of a big loop I have:

set [persuaded] of target true

This generates the error, "This isn't something you can use 'set' on."

If I remove the brackets I get: "OF expected this input to be a reporter block, but got anything instead."

To clarify, 'target' is a specified turtle of the breed citizen.  Since I've already used syntax like this in the past and set the same boolean variable using "SET" in setup, I can only assume there's some very specific context which makes SET inapplicable for boolean here.

It's important to resolve this because if persuaded isn't set to TRUE it will just keep operating the loop indefinitely.  Any help would be appreciated.