How do I create a bounded topology

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How do I create a bounded topology

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Hello Esteemed NetLogo-users,

 I am a novice in the use of NetLogo. I am trying to do these:

 (i) divide the world into six bounded topology, so that turtles in one bounded topology can't move to the other.
 (ii) create different properties for the turtles in each bounded topology - i.e. although turtles in each bounded topology can be of the same breed, they will have different properties based on the bounded topology they find themselves.

 Are the aforelisted steps achievable and practical?

 Opps! the last one!
 (iii) in case, in real life, there are about 50,000 turtles in one bounded topology, is it practical to use all the exact number when modelling?

 I look forward to your response, my esteemed NetLogo-users.

 Kind regards,