Fitting GIS raster data to patches - URGENT

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Fitting GIS raster data to patches - URGENT

Hi everyone,

I am a little bit in trouble because I find myself having to do some work
integrating ABM and GIS, but I am a beginner in both.

In short:
- I need to import in NetLogo raster data about land cover (in few and broad
categories such as forest, cropland, water etc);
- I need my agents to move around and obviously be conscious of land cover.
Each agent represents one household.
- Based on a number of things, agents decide whether or not to deforest.

The problem is that one agent stays in one patch - but how can I know which
is the extension of that patch in real-world terms, based on how it compares
to my GIS data?
In other words: imagine my raster data covers 500 km2. If, once imported in
NetLogo, it ecompasses 5 patches then each patch is 100 km2; if there are
500 patches, then each is 1 km2. Obviously I just made up these numbers, but
I hope the example is clear.

Given that I don't want my agents to move by 100 km2 at a time as this would
not be realistic, the question is:
How can I control this relative relationship between the pixels of the
raster data and the patches?
For example, is there any way I can make 1 raster-pixel = 1 patch? Any other
thoughts are welcome.

As I said, I am a beginner in both ABM and GIS, so I would be grateful if
you could answer as you would do with a baby.
*Thank you very much* in advance!

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Re: Fitting GIS raster data to patches - URGENT

Steve Railsback

You need NetLogo's GIS extension: In the User Manual, look at the
"Extensions" section, bottom left.

In the model's library under Code Examples, look for the GIS examples.
They show you exactly how to do what you want. The extension will size
the NetLogo world so that one patch is one raster cell.

And remember that your agents-turtles-can move to any real number
location within a patch.

Steve R.
Steve Railsback
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