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3D Netlogo Programmer required

Netlogo user community,

I am looking for someone to implement a meshing code algorithm from sparse scattered points and off surface gradient data. This will be a 3 Month contract as a casual starting in the new year (Jan 2018). If there is someone with high level experience with computational geometry, including meshing data structures and 3D Netlogo coding who is interested in discussing this please send me  a note expressing your interest and a brief CV and I will send more contact info to get into our system as a casual. It will help if you have a Canadian address but it may not be essential.

This would be an interesting thesis study, work term or collaborative research paper as things move along.

I have included some snap shots results with the existing code I have developed, and can discuss in detail if anyone is interested in this project,

Figure 1 - An interpolated stream through a sparse vector field indicating sub-surface geologic folding. Surface measurements in yellow represent planar measurements on a topographic surface (strike and dip / normals with polarity).


Figure 2 - Interpolation with SLERP spherical linear interpolator with Quaternions. For Eigen vector based rotation selections.
These will control the local and global mesh orientations.


Figure 3 - Agent based meshing rules ... required to make geologically continuous surfaces, non-intersecting...with various degrees of smoothing, shape parameters etc.


Figure 4 - Flocking adapted particle path snap shot. Red dots are moving interrogator agents. Yellow hexagons are on surface orientation observations.
The goal is to make realizations of a continuous surface that exactly fit, snap to the data and have a mesh that minimally matches the local orientation to the data.




Eric A... de Kemp, Ph.D.
3D Interpretation Specialist
3-D Imaging and Earth Modelling
Modélisation et imagerie de la Terre 3-D
Central Canada Division
Geological Survey of Canada
Rm 113 - 601 Booth St. Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1A 0E9
email: [hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>
cell : (613) 867-8812


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